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Conrad Benner Discusses Public Art, Economic Concerns, and Decline of Traditional Food Sources


Nov 21, 2023

Black Friday is around the corner, but holiday shopping is already in full swing. With the economic outlook uncertain, many wonder how consumers are feeling this gift-giving season. Are they spending extravagantly or being more thrifty? Wharton marketing professor Cait Lamberton discusses holiday spending and consumer confidence.

Apples used to be a common American crop, but today 85% of apple varieties have disappeared. This trend isn’t limited to apples; many historic American foods and foodways are also vanishing. Culinary historian Sarah Lohman traveled across the United States to learn about rare foods at risk of extinction, such as New Jersey cider apples, sweet Carolina African runner peanut, Buckeye chicken, Coachella Valley Dates, and Hawaiian heritage sugarcane. Lohman met farmers, ranchers, scientists, and activists working to preserve these foods and discusses her new book, Endangered Eating, and how to bring heirloom foods back to our tables.

The new WHYY podcast “Art Outside” launches next Tuesday, exploring Philadelphia’s public art scene. The podcast features five street artists, showcasing their impact and motivation for creating outdoor art. Hosted by the famous Street Dept. blogger Conrad Benner, the series’ first episode spotlights an artist Benner calls “the Philadelphia Bansky,” whose art confronts the PPA.

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