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Corey Finch, MD, appointed as Oklahoma’s Cabinet Secretary of Health and Mental Health


Feb 10, 2024

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt named Dr. Corey Finch as the new secretary of health and mental health in his Cabinet. They aim to improve healthcare outcomes for the state’s residents and strive toward Oklahoma being a healthier and happier state.

Dr. Finch will take over the position left vacant after Kevin Corbett’s stalled confirmation in the Senate. He expressed the importance of the position in touching some of the most vulnerable populations in the state, and his eagerness to revitalize the healthcare system to support Oklahoma’s path toward better health.

In his role as secretary, Dr. Finch plans to ensure that Oklahoma’s healthcare agencies are working towards providing Oklahomans with access to necessary care and attention. Stitt praised Dr. Finch’s extensive experience in Oklahoma-based facilities and his unique perspective on the state’s healthcare system as a whole.

Dr. Finch is a family physician with experience in various areas of medicine. He served in the military with the United States Air Force and continues to be active with the Oklahoma Army National Guard. His extensive background in medicine makes him a qualified choice for the cabinet position. Confirmation from the Oklahoma Senate is a necessary additional step for members of the governor’s Cabinet.

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