Corn Palace Stampede files for injunction to stop Horsemen Sports from holding replacement rodeo in Mitchell – Mitchell Republic.

The Corn Palace Stampede and Landlord Horsemen’s Sports Co. are in a post-verdict feud and will both be holding their rodeos on the same day in July. CPS has asked for an injunction against landlords from holding any rodeos or competitions, and interfering with CPS property for 150 days. CPS Board Chairman Jim Miskimins claims that negotiations fell through because of HSI’s unreasonable terms. CPS explored other options for hosting the 2023 rodeo, but none are sustainable. The cost of renting equipment to hold the rodeo elsewhere is more than $100,000.

Jimmy Nicholas, a CPS member of over 30 years, expressed concern that HSI could damage CPS property if a rodeo is held. The next public hearing in the case is scheduled for June 9th. CPS sought a 150-day injunction allowing property to be removed from the Horsemans premises and HSI attorney Tim Whalen called it a “ransom operation”. He accused CPS of seeking a ban on HSI’s part and claimed that parties can now go their separate ways.

Whalen argued that CPS cannot restrict the use of names associated with the City of Mitchell, the Corn Palace, or “rodeo”. He claimed that HSI still has the right to use its property as it sees fit, accusing CPS of having no affiliation with any proprietary company or entity. In an April lawsuit, a jury found that HSI had violated its rules, allowed CPS to bring key elements of the rodeo venue back to its new facility, and awarded CPS $100,000 in damages.

Despite CPS canceling the rodeo, it will continue at another location near the airport on July 15-16. The Horsemen’s Sports Arena on State Route 37 near Lake Mitchell is the only venue. The Corn Palace Stampede has formed another entity, the Mitchell Rodeo Foundation, and agreed to lease 20 acres of land near the airport for future use in 2021.

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