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Could the All Blacks’ Rugby World Cup campaign be their most critical to date?


Sep 1, 2023

New Zealand’s identity is deeply intertwined with its sports teams, and the success of these teams brings the nation a strong sense of pride. While there is growing support for women’s sports, the All Blacks still dominate in terms of viewership and readership. The Rugby World Cup, held once every four years, amplifies the interest in rugby and brings together both devoted fans and casual observers. This year, the All Blacks have undergone a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, but they have regained confidence and belief in their ability to compete for the World Cup.

The All Blacks’ journey to this point has been marked by highs and lows, with moments of uncertainty and doubt. However, they now find themselves in a good position and have a strong belief that they can beat any team and overcome challenges. Despite a recent loss to the Springboks, the All Blacks remain focused and determined.

In the past, New Zealand’s relationship with the Rugby World Cup has been unhealthy and obsessive, particularly during their 24-year drought between World Cup successes. However, consecutive victories in 2011 and 2015 eased some of the pressure and now the All Blacks seek redemption after their defeat in the 2019 semifinals. For the players and coaches who return from the previous World Cup, this quest for redemption holds special significance.

The All Blacks’ World Cup campaign is not without challenges. The draw places them on a collision course with strong opponents, and winning three elite Tier 1 Tests in a row is a difficult task. The success of the All Blacks is crucial for New Zealand rugby as a whole, as the commercial strength of the team supports all levels of the game. Replacing departing players will be a major challenge for future coaches, and concerns about the depth of New Zealand rugby are emerging.

There are also concerns about the development and success of the national provincial championship and the future of Super Rugby. The rise of women’s rugby and the need for expansion in Super Rugby Aupiki pose additional challenges. Despite these challenges, winning the World Cup would greatly benefit New Zealand rugby by attracting attention, revenue, and participation. The mystique of the All Blacks plays a significant role in supporting the game and creating a sense of national identity.

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