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Could the NFL instruct officials to penalize false starts committed by tackles?


Sep 10, 2023

As the first full Sunday of the 2023 season approaches, there is a question about whether the failure to consistently penalize Chiefs right tackle Jawaan Taylor for false starts during Thursday night’s game was an isolated incident or the start of a trend. Some wonder if this will continue to be a pattern. Peter King suggested on Friday’s PFT Live that the NFL’s officiating department will address the Taylor situation with a note to all crews this week, reminding them that such activities should be flagged.

However, there is a deeper question to consider. Does the NFL want this kind of behavior to be penalized? Allowing tackles to better prepare for edge rushes can help keep the passing game going and protect quarterbacks from injury. The league understands the connection between keeping quarterbacks healthy and attracting high ratings for games.

It will be interesting to see how this issue is handled during games this weekend, particularly in the Eagles-Patriots matchup on Sunday. Philadelphia right tackle Lane Johnson is known for early starts. Will he still be allowed to do it? Will it be flagged? Considering the NFL’s concern for quarterback safety, it is likely that the league office will turn a blind eye to officials ignoring obvious pre-snap fouls committed by offensive tackles.

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