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Council to review plans for new sports pavilion | Local news, sports, employment


Sep 11, 2023

Tonight, the Fort Dodge City Council will be discussing a plan to build a $13 million sports pavilion at Corridor Plaza. This pavilion would serve as an indoor facility, offering basketball and pickleball courts, among other amenities. The project is proposed and owned by M and M LLC, a private entity that is seeking financial support from the city government.

In order to fund the construction of the pavilion, M and M LLC is requesting several million dollars in financial aid from the city. This includes $2.65 million from a bond issue planned for next year, as well as five annual payments of $275,000. These payments would come from the state-approved reinvestment district that covers Corridor Plaza.

The council meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m in the Municipal Building, located at 819 First Ave. S. The first item on the agenda is a workshop to discuss a plan for the Northwest River District along Third Avenue Northwest. Following the workshop, at 6 p.m, the council’s regular business meeting will commence, during which they will consider and discuss the proposed sports pavilion plan.

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