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Court Awards Small Salary to Office of the President Employee Who Hid Drunken Accident


Nov 20, 2023

An employee of the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia drove drunk and tried to hide an accident in which he injured himself. According to the verdict, the incident occurred in October around 2:30 am in Zagreb. The man, 26, was driving the car with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 2.11 g/kg, which was determined by the analysis of blood samples to be 1.94 g/kg, and urine 2.15 g/kg, reports Danica.hr.

Arriving at the intersection with Ulica I. Štefanovečki zavoj, the man lost control of the vehicle and ran into a curb stone with its wheels, after which it landed on the soft ground. The rear of the vehicle then ran into a tree, flipped onto its roof and engine cover before coming to a stop. The man suffered physical injuries in the traffic accident, the judge states in the verdict.

In his defense, the defendant explained that he had been at a cafe where they had consumed alcohol and then headed home. He claimed to have been driving less than 60 kilometers per hour, but the foggy and slippery road caused him to lose control of the vehicle and crash into a tree. He lost consciousness from the impact and later called the police and an ambulance. He asked the court to be lenient in sentencing, stating that he does not have a means of transportation to work and often works 12-24 hour shifts. In the end, the judge fined him 730 euros and imposed a one-month ban on driving motor vehicles.

Additionally, he was to pay 150 euros for the costs of the procedure, but the judge released him from this obligation with the interpretation that he is being paid in the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia and it is nothing for him. With a high school diploma, he earns 1020 euros net each month.

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