CR England observes drivers prioritizing over fuel economy autonomy.

The debate between humans and machines is growing, and CR England is convinced that humans will beat self-driving trucks in fuel economy. However, the airline recognizes that self-driving technology has many advantages, such as improved fuel efficiency. To enhance safety, speed up delivery times, and save its drivers, CR England has recently introduced an autonomous vehicle (AV) pilot with Kodiak Robotics and Torc Robotics.

CR England’s Vice President of Equipment and Fuel Ron Hall believes that AV technology will beat out some drivers in adopting better tactics to reduce fuel consumption. While he acknowledges that self-driving trucks won’t beat the best drivers, he believes that the technology will bring vehicle averages closer to the fuel efficiency of the best drivers. He likens the benefits of self-driving trucks to that of automated transmission.

Hall expects AV technology to improve over time, resulting in better average vehicle fuel economy. The company plans to incorporate AVs to assist drivers. Hall stated that they raised salaries, increased home time and redesigned their network to improve driver satisfaction. They are also planning to grow their driver force by accessing drivers. The company believes that there are still opportunities to expand their business through self-driving lanes, and they do not think that autonomous driving will replace drivers.

CR England also expects autonomous trucks to reduce cargo delivery times as AV technology is not subject to driver rest obligations under time regulation. Hall believes that AV technology has an edge over human drivers when it comes to safety because of its faster reaction times to potential driving hazards.

Overall, CR England believes that the utilization of AVs has many advantages in terms of safety, reduced delivery times, and fuel efficiency. The company is positive about the feedback received so far in informing drivers about the pilot and their technology. CR England hopes that their AV pilot program will continue to improve and result in a better average vehicle fuel economy.

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