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Croatian Ambassador in Serbia: I Shouldn’t Have Revealed His Actions, Even if I Knew


Nov 20, 2023

Hidajet Biščević, the ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in the Republic of Serbia, declined to comment on the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia to declare the first secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Belgrade, Hrvoje Šnajder, persona non grata. When asked about the matter, Biščević stated that it was something he did not want to engage in and likened it to the English phrase “no comment.”

Biščević further elaborated that even if he knew the specifics of Šnajder’s actions, he would not be able to disclose them as it was beyond his scope. He maintained his position by reiterating “no comment” when asked for further details.

It was mentioned that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia accused Šnajder of grossly departing from diplomatic norms and violating the Convention. A diplomatic note was delivered to Ambassador Hidajet Biščević in response to Šnajder’s actions. Additionally, the Ministry expressed regret over the situation and stated that it would not contribute to the improvement of bilateral relations and good neighborly relations between the two countries.

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