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Crossroads business owners face uncertainty as Royals stadium decision approaches


Mar 26, 2024

As the vote for the 3/8-cent stadiums sales tax approaches on April 2, businesses in the Crossroads area of Kansas City are facing uncertainty about their futures. Chartreuse Saloon, a business that has been in the Crossroads for over two years, is one such establishment. Owner Jill Cockson expressed concerns about the impact of the proposed ballpark on the neighborhood, stating that the Crossroads has a unique identity and atmosphere that would be disrupted by the new development.

Cockson and other business owners in the area feel that the promises made by the Royals regarding the project are not clear or binding. Despite the team releasing a commitment to the Crossroads Community Association, Cockson views it as just a list of bullet points that does not provide legal assurance. She expressed frustration at the difficulty of getting in touch with decision makers and voiced concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the project.

With the fate of the sales tax vote hanging in the balance, Cockson wants people to understand the potential consequences of their decision. She encourages voters to consider the impact on the community and the future of businesses in the Crossroads before casting their vote on April 2. Ultimately, Cockson believes that a vote in favor of the stadium project may come at the expense of the unique character and identity of the Crossroads neighborhood.

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