• Tue. Jun 11th, 2024

Cuba’s science and innovation initiatives target real-world challenges


Jun 11, 2024

The Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Eduardo Martínez, along with Deputy Minister Armando Rodríguez, recently discussed Cuba’s focus on science and innovation. They highlighted the country’s portfolio of more than 6,500 projects and identified key priorities such as increasing foreign currency incomes through exports, boosting power generation from renewable sources, and enhancing food production.

In an interview with the Cubadebate website, the officials emphasized the need to increase investment in science and innovation as a means for improvement. They underscored that both the business system and local governments would benefit from more significant investments in these areas to foster development.

Moreover, they stressed the importance of leveraging international cooperation and negotiating intangible assets generated during project development. They emphasized the necessity of identifying untapped scientific and technological results within Cuba and strategizing a plan for their utilization.

Furthermore, the promotion of nanotechnology, new biology, and artificial intelligence has been highlighted as crucial for the scientific advancement of the country. These emerging fields are seen as essential for driving innovation and progress in Cuba.


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