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Dalić: He Showed Unmatched Resilience and Silence, Two Defeats Benefitted us


Nov 21, 2023

Zlatko Dalić breathed a sigh of relief after the victory over Armenia and qualifying for the fourth consecutive major competition with the Croatian national football team. He congratulated the players on qualifying for the Euro and thanked the fans for their support. Dalić also commented on the tough game and the team’s display of character and responsibility, noting that achieving the goal was a great success. He expressed his congratulations to everyone and mentioned that he is over the emotional display he had two years ago when they defeated Russia.

Dalić mentioned that they did not want to watch the second game so as not to get nervous and wanted to focus only on their own match. He spoke about the upcoming months, noting that October came in handy for the team to reset from the comfort zone and that they are looking forward to the support of tens of thousands of fans in Germany. He mentioned Luka Modrić’s dissatisfaction and the need for analysis in the coming months.

Dalić also discussed the winning goal scorer, Ante Budimir, complimenting him on his fantastic play and expressing that he had been looking for a player for the future. He praised Budimir for enduring, remaining silent, and not engaging in negativity. He highlighted Budimir’s goal and stated that he deserved it.

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