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Daniel Jones expresses his frustration and deep disappointment over Cowboys’ loss


Sep 11, 2023

The Giants experienced a devastating loss on Sunday night, which quarterback Daniel Jones found particularly disheartening. He acknowledged that the 40-0 defeat against the Cowboys was a major disappointment that requires immediate correction. Jones expressed frustration with his own performance and acknowledged the need for improvement. He stressed the importance of self-criticism and vowed to rectify the team’s shortcomings.

Jones recognized that the Giants’ performance was far from acceptable. He admitted that they did not showcase their true capabilities and emphasized the urgency to demonstrate their potential on the field. Jones admitted that the team failed to live up to their own standards and acknowledged the extensive work that lies ahead in order to improve.

Towards the end of the game, Jones was replaced by Tyrod Taylor. Despite his desire to remain in the game, Jones revealed that the decision was made by the coaches without any prior discussion. The upcoming week will inevitably be filled with conversations surrounding the Giants’ mistakes and the necessary steps to address and rectify them.

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