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Darden now ranks as the third best business school in the United States, according to new rankings.


Sep 14, 2023

The school has experienced a significant improvement in its rankings, primarily due to its advancements in three specific subcategories. These subcategories include compensation, learning, and networking. In compensation, Darden has moved up to the 4th position from its previous 10th position. Similarly, in the category of learning, the school has moved up to the 4th position, previously ranking 10th. Lastly, in networking, Darden has achieved a substantial improvement, climbing to the 11th position from its previous 22nd position.

Darden’s Interim Dean, Jeanne Riedka, expressed her satisfaction with the validation of the positive momentum experienced within the school by an external source. She acknowledged the efforts of Dean Scott Beardsley and the Darden faculty, who have fostered a collaborative and mutually reinforcing environment for learning and scholarship during Mr. Beardsley’s sabbatical at Oxford. This environment benefits the students, allowing them to shape their own educational journeys and learn from one another while tackling real-world business challenges with the guidance of expert faculty.

Darden’s reputation for excellence in teaching is well-established, as it has been ranked as the top MBA program in the United States for an impressive ten consecutive years by the now-retired Economist magazine. Its program stands out by offering students the opportunity to learn and grow together while facing actual business problems. Bloomberg Businessweek acknowledges the school’s high score on the Learning Index, citing student comments that praise the great teaching and learning environment, as well as the focus on the quality of instruction.

Furthermore, the new rankings feature a qualitative component where students and alumni are given the opportunity to share their perspectives on what makes their respective MBA programs outstanding.

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