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Decaro and the photo of two women: “Close relatives to the boss, but strangers to the rest of the family”


Mar 26, 2024

During a live social media broadcast, the mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, expressed his frustration at receiving unfair attacks from various sources, particularly from center-right parliamentarians. He explained how he was recently photographed with two women, relatives of a local boss, published in national newspapers alongside the term ‘mafia’. After investigating, Decaro clarified that the two women were simply members of the community and had no ties to criminal activities.

Decaro discussed how he cooperated with the Anti-Mafia Access Commission and assured that the Municipality operates in compliance with the law. He also addressed a controversial episode involving Puglia Region President Michele Emiliano, denying claims that he met with the sister of the boss Capriati. Instead, Decaro shared a story from his past where he worked on improving mobility in the old city of Bari, facing challenges from various stakeholders.

The mayor recounted a moment when Emiliano intervened on his behalf against individuals who were hostile towards him. He emphasized his dedication to resolving issues in the community and expressed his commitment to working for the well-being of the residents. Through his statements, Decaro sought to clarify misunderstandings and shed light on his efforts to serve the people of Bari.

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