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Dedicated to Supporting Individuals Dealing with Mental Health Challenges: The Grant Halliburton Foundation


Sep 8, 2023

September is Suicide Prevention Month and the increase in suicide deaths in Texas has become a concern. In response, the Grant Halliburton Foundation was established to address mental health issues and provide support for people in North Texas. The foundation was founded by the Halliburton family after Grant Halliburton’s struggles with depression and bipolar disorder led to his suicide death in 2005. Amy McCloskey, Grant’s sister, serves as the Senior Director of Events for the foundation.

McCloskey explains that the foundation offers various programs to support those struggling with mental health. They provide support groups, mental health hotlines, and resources for mental health and substance abuse. One notable program is the Coffee Days peer support group, designed specifically for moms and female caregivers. McCloskey believes that education is key to helping people who are struggling. By educating individuals about the signs of someone in crisis and how to help them, the foundation has been able to train over 300,000 students, teachers, parents, and professionals across North Texas since 2006.

Creating safe spaces for people to openly discuss their mental health is a significant aspect of suicide prevention efforts. McCloskey emphasizes the importance of breaking the silence and having open conversations about mental health. She encourages people to ask difficult questions and not be afraid to address the topic of suicide with someone who may be struggling. The foundation believes that by practicing these conversations in our interpersonal relationships, we can make a significant difference in saving lives.

The Here for Texas mental health navigation line (972-525-8181) and the website (herefortexas.com) are both available in English and Spanish. These resources, along with information about the Grant Halliburton Foundation’s efforts to prevent suicide in North Texas, can be found on their website at granthalliburton.org.

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