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Defendant claims nine villas illegally built in the heart of Velebit are actually cow sheds, defends himself in court


Nov 20, 2023

The defendant Ante Koić (60) was sentenced to one year in prison or five years suspended if he does not remove the illegal constructions from the Veliko Rujno location in the Velebit Nature Park within five months, said judge Ivana Parač Krišto, adding that the illegal builder stated that a pensioner with a poor financial situation must also pay court costs in the amount of one hundred euros.

The defendant Koić, who did not appear at the sentencing, had been illegally building in the very heart of Velebit for years. He also received high state subsidies for cattle breeding, and when, after many reports, the inspection finally came to the field, it found that nine buildings had been built on state land. Some of them had three floors, and Koić defended himself by saying that they were cow barns. He never explained how it was possible for the barns to be the size of villas, and how the state seal was removed several times and construction continued on at least 2 occasions. The defendant pleaded not guilty right at the beginning of the trial, but the State Inspectorate as well as Croatia sent us papers. Šume, so everything went very quickly, from the filing of the indictment in February 2022 to the verdict, said judge Parač Krišto.

He also did not appear at the sentencing of the man who forever changed the landscape, to which for years the white road led, and after 2008, a fire hydrant broke through, which Koić used abundantly to transport and bring construction machinery into untouched nature. Within five months, a pensioner with a low income has to remove illegal buildings, and a few months ago, according to the locals, he started working again, but this time with drilling and erecting a two-meter-high wall, and then justified that he was looking for water to water the cattle. The defendant Koić did not he answers the calls, and it remains to be seen whether the state will finally force him to return Veliko Rujno and the Jatara region to as much as possible of their original state, considering the extent of the work performed, but I don’t know what else to do.

The punishments have not worked on him so far. But who knows, maybe after this verdict that he is really guilty, the devastation of Velebit will stop, said Ante Milovac, the man who started everything and reported the illegal builder countless times, to USKOK, the construction inspection, as well as the State Attorney’s Office.

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