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Deliveryman Eric Noya Transcends Boundaries as World Medalist and Speed Climber


Sep 14, 2023

Eric Noya, born to Spanish parents and grandparents, relocated to Venezuela with his family in 1994. He ventured into the realm of speed climbing when the field was still relatively unknown, and he commends the Venezuelan climbers for being pioneers in this discipline. However, in 2017, armed with only his intuition, Noya made the decision to move to Madrid and gradually immerse himself in the Spanish climbing community. This transition posed various challenges for him, both on a personal and financial level, with no guarantees for his future in the sport.

Leaving behind his family, including his grandfather whom he believed he would never see again, Noya describes the experience as incredibly difficult. While studying to become a firefighter, he had to rely on jobs such as deliveries and personal fitness activities to sustain himself. Despite the hardships, Noya was determined to continue with speed climbing, but the reality was that he needed to earn money for his daily survival.

As time went on, Noya managed to make more connections and became involved in the sport climbing community in Spain. Through gradually shifting gears and actively integrating himself into the Spanish mountaineering scene, he eventually achieved the remarkable feat of winning the national speed title in 2018. This success was not only a testament to Noya’s perseverance, but also a reflection of the relationships he cultivated along his journey.

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