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Depixus honored with SLAS2024 Ignite Award for its MAGNA™ technology


Feb 12, 2024

Depixus, an interactomics pioneer, was awarded the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Ignite Award at the society’s annual International Conference and Exhibition in Boston, MA for their innovative MAGNA™ technology. This award coincided with the debut of Depixus’ MAGNA One™ instrument at the conference. The Ignite Award recognizes companies that provide game-changing technologies for the life sciences and was judged by a panel of experts based on innovation, marketing presence, messaging, impact, funding, and balanced leadership. Depixus was one of 16 companies selected to participate in the SLAS2024 Innovation AveNEW program. The top eight companies from this program were shortlisted as finalists for the Ignite Award.

Depixus’ MAGNA One™ instrument is based on magnetic force spectroscopy, allowing high-throughput analysis of dynamic biomolecular interactions. This technology is the first to offer direct, simultaneous, and real-time measurements from thousands of individual molecules. It is particularly beneficial for exploring challenging targets such as RNA and protein-protein interactions, providing valuable insights into disease mechanisms and accelerating the development of novel therapeutics.

Gordon Hamilton, CEO of Depixus, expressed his excitement at winning the Ignite Award, recognizing the competition and congratulating the other finalists. He emphasized the potential of the company’s innovative technology to impact the understanding and treatment of diseases where new treatments are urgently needed. Steve Klose, Chief Commercial Officer of Depixus, highlighted the timing of the award with the launch of the technology access program and commercial rollout of MAGNA One. Klose emphasized the honor of unveiling the new instrument at SLAS2024 and expressed excitement for the scientific community to put it to work to transform research. For more information, visit depixus.com.

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