DeSantis’ Financial Track Record Tainted by Stains

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is hoping to use Florida’s economic success as a bright spot for his potential 2024 Republican presidential run. Since taking office in 2019, Florida has outperformed other states in job and income growth, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. However, there are concerns that DeSantis’s confrontational approach towards liberal culture and social policies could negatively impact Florida’s biggest industry, tourism, and lead to a loss in court against major taxpayers such as Walt Disney Company.

DeSantis’s push to end diversity programs in Florida schools and his stance on immigration and transgender laws have also led to warnings from LGBTQ advocacy groups and the NAACP about the state’s hostility towards minorities. Furthermore, the state’s COVID-19 death rate doubled in 2021, raising questions about the effectiveness of DeSantis’s strategy during the pandemic.

While DeSantis could pitch Florida’s economic success and low taxes to Republicans, his strong stance against corporations with diversity and inclusion policies might not appeal to general election voters. His fight against companies like Disney could even result in heavy-handed government intervention rather than light regulation, leading to concerns about the extent of his potential presidency’s control over businesses.

Additionally, DeSantis’s early campaign seems to be falling behind Donald Trump’s lead in polls, despite having substantial funding and support from key figures like Elon Musk. Whether DeSantis can offer peace with prosperity or just war while maintaining Florida’s economic growth remains to be seen.

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