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DeSanto Rollins, a student at Ole Miss, files lawsuit against Kiffin and the university citing mental health concerns


Sep 15, 2023

Ole Miss defensive tackle DeSanto Rollins has filed a lawsuit against head coach Lane Kiffin, alleging unfair treatment, racial and sexual discrimination, and other claims. Rollins, who was removed from the team for missing practices and meetings due to a mental health crisis, is seeking $10 million in damages and $30 million in penalties. The lawsuit accuses Kiffin of treating Rollins differently based on his race and failing to take action against female student-athletes who requested mental health leave. Ole Miss denies the allegations and maintains that Rollins remains on the team and receives a scholarship. The lawsuit also claims that the university lacked a written process for mental health referrals at the time of the incident. Rollins had suffered multiple injuries during his career, including a concussion and an Achilles tendon injury, which resulted in severe depression and anxiety. The lawsuit alleges that the football staff did not provide any support or resources relating to mental health after these injuries. The complaint further details instances where Rollins and Kiffin had contentious exchanges about Rollins’ role on the team and his mental health issues. Recordings of these conversations, made by Rollins without Kiffin’s knowledge, were included in the lawsuit. Rollins’ mother requested that a counselor be provided to support him, but Rollins did not meet with Kiffin until several weeks later. The audio recordings suggest a heated argument between Rollins and Kiffin, with Kiffin suggesting that Rollins had not shown up for work and could be removed from the team. The lawsuit argues that Rollins’ mental health condition was considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and that Kiffin’s actions were intentional and caused emotional distress. Rollins’ attorney previously filed a tort claim, which the defendants did not respond to. Despite being an honor roll student, Rollins has had limited playing time, appearing in just three games this season as a backup lineman. Rollins expressed his love for Ole Miss but feels that they do not love him in return.

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