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Design Off-The-Beaten-Path Routes with VIDA-HTL: Explore Thousands of Years of History


Mar 26, 2024

A landscape is much more than just an image of nature; it is a complex entity shaped by human interaction and perception. The Heritage, Tourism, and Landscape Networks Laboratory at the University of Seville has developed a web application called VIDA HTL that aims to capture the intricacies of landscapes and heritage sites. By creating personalized itineraries that venture off the beaten path, the app seeks to showcase the richness of historical and cultural assets that often go unnoticed. This project, known as Smarch, bridges the gap between technology specialists and cultural heritage experts to create a tool that enhances the user’s experience.

The VIDA HTL app covers 73 municipalities in the lower Guadalquivir region, including Seville, Huelva, Cádiz, and a municipality in Córdoba. It allows users to explore over a thousand cultural assets, ranging from architectural marvels to archaeological sites. Users can choose from pre-designed routes or create their own, providing a personalized experience that combines history, culture, and nature. The app also encourages collaboration, inviting users to share their feedback, suggestions, and even schedule related events within the network.

The goal of VIDA HTL is not just to provide information but to activate heritage sites, making them a focal point for economic value and cultural identity. By incorporating public participation and perception mechanisms, the app aims to create continuous linear spaces for recreational activities, known as “heritage corridors.” This approach aligns with current trends in heritage conservation, emphasizing the integration of technological advancements with traditional heritage experiences.

The VIDA HTL app is a collaborative effort that reflects the importance of community engagement in preserving and promoting cultural heritage. With a focus on diversifying tourism and uncovering hidden gems, the app serves as a gateway to exploring the rich history and landscape of the region. Whether it’s a visit to an ancient monastery or a hike through olive groves, VIDA HTL offers a unique way to connect with the heritage of the land.

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