Details of deal with UDFA Joseph Ngata, Eli Ricks and others finalized by Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have been busy in the off-season, not only participating in the 2023 NFL Draft but also signing nine undrafted free agents. The team has had success with UDFA signings in the past, including TJ Edwards, Nate Harbig, and Sua Opeta. However, last year’s signings did not work out as well as expected, as the Eagles gave big contracts to players like Carson Strong who did not make the roster. The team’s total guaranteed money for UDFA contracts has varied over the years and is not necessarily an indicator of success.

Despite this, the Eagles continue to sign undrafted players and have provided details of their contracts for this year’s class. The contracts are all three-year deals with minimum base salaries of $750,000, $915,000, and $1.03 million over the next three seasons. If any of the UDFAs fulfill their contracts, they will become restricted free agents after the 2025 season.

The top UDFA signing for the Eagles this year is Joseph Ngata from Clemson, with a total of $230,000 guaranteed and a $30,000 signing bonus. Michigan State linebacker Ben Vansmelen received a $30,000 signing bonus and a total of $130,000. Jadon Hazelwood from Arkansas received a total of $127,500, while Mekhi Garner from LSU received a total of $117,500. Ty Zentner from Kansas received a total of $115,000, and Trevor Reed from Louisville received a total of $110,000. Brady Russell from Colorado received a total guaranteed amount of $48,000, while Alabama cornerback Eli Ricks received $40,000 guaranteed with a $10,000 signing bonus. Benedict University OL Tim Okorafor received no guaranteed money and no signing bonus.

It remains to be seen which of these UDFA signings will make the Eagles’ roster and have success in the NFL. The contracts may provide an indication of how much the team likes these players, but ultimately, it is their performance on the field that will determine their success.

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