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Details of USWNT Coaching Search and Timeline Shared by U.S. Soccer Director


Sep 13, 2023

United States Soccer sporting director Matt Crocker recently discussed the USWNT coaching search in an interview. He provided a timeline for the hiring of Vlatko Andonovski and acknowledged the same issues that many others noticed during the World Cup. Currently, Twila Kilgore is overseeing the USWNT’s friendlies, but it is crucial to have a new boss in place for December’s camp as the team prepares for the Olympics. Crocker emphasized the importance of finding a coach who possesses tactical expertise, the ability to make in-game changes, and who can develop young players. Additionally, he highlighted the need for a coach with strong leadership skills who can build relationships and drive the program forward.

Crocker expressed his desire to have a coach who will positively impact all 27 teams of the federation. He referenced the success of Gregg Berhalter, the current men’s coach, who prioritizes improving the entire pathway and supporting all levels of the organization. Similarly, Crocker wants a coach who is fully committed to the job and willing to contribute year-round. He aims to build a strong identity and culture within the USWNT program, aligning with a visionary approach for the future. This approach to the coaching search reflects a more inclusive and thorough process, providing reassurance after previous concerns about insular searches.

Overall, Crocker is optimistic about the future. He acknowledges the progress made with the men’s team under Berhalter’s leadership and looks forward to achieving similar success with the USWNT.

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