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Developing the Rexburg Straw Maze: Strengthening Community and Boosting the Local Economy


Sep 19, 2023

The Rexburg straw maze in Idaho has been a popular attraction since 2007, providing entertainment and scares to the people of Madison County. Over the years, the maze has expanded in size, adding new attractions and increasing the number of employees. Greg Schneider, the caretaker of the straw maze, has seen significant growth in his staff over the past 17 years. Initially, there were only six or seven people working at the maze, jumping out at visitors and creating scares. Now, there are over 35 monsters enlisted to terrify guests inside the maze. However, the increase in personnel is not limited to the fear teams. Straw Maze also employs individuals for duties such as working in the ticket office, providing security, and setting up and tearing down the attraction at the end of the season. Schneider takes pride in the fact that his staff are paid employees, unlike many other haunted attractions that rely on volunteers. He believes that hiring local students helps to stimulate the economy of Rexburg, as they can spend their earnings within the town.

Before the employees can start working, the straw maze needs to be built. Trent Manns is one of the key individuals involved in constructing the maze. After nine years of experience, he has perfected the process and can complete the construction of the courtyard, parking lot, and everything else in just three days. This may be a grueling task, but Manns believes it is worth it. Each season presents its own challenges, but seeing the progress and growth of the straw maze makes it all worthwhile. From its humble beginnings as a small straw maze, it has now transformed into a prominent attraction.

While the Rexburg straw maze is open until Halloween, the Haunted Straw Maze and Haunted Forest are only open until October 6th. Visitors can find information about ticket prices, sales, and opening times on the website.

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