Devin Haney now has the opportunity to demonstrate his superiority as the world’s greatest lightweight.

Devin Haney may be just 24 years old, but he is the undisputed lightweight champion with aspirations of becoming the pound-for-pound number one boxer. Haney had his eye set on Vasily Lomachenko in 2019 after he won the interim WBC lightweight title, but Lomachenko dismissed him and moved on to bigger opponents. However, Haney did not forget, and now he has the chance to finally fight Lomachenko in the main event of the Top Rank Pay Per View card at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Haney’s size advantage over Lomachenko has been a topic of discussion, but Haney believes it is not a factor. He insists that he is not much bigger than Lomachenko and points out that Lomachenko has beaten bigger opponents than him in the past. Haney sees this fight as an opportunity to prove himself as the best in the division and is confident in his abilities.

Despite Lomachenko’s age and recent performance against JamaĆ­n Ortiz, Haney believes that Lomachenko is still a formidable opponent and is not on the decline. Haney’s 29-0-15 knockout record is impressive, but he acknowledges that he still has room to grow as a fighter.

A victory over Lomachenko would solidify Haney’s status as one of the elite boxers in the sport, but he knows that talk is cheap and that he needs to prove himself in the ring. Haney believes that he is the best and is ready to prove it to the world.

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