DFW’s Premier Sports Teams and Music Venues Rally Behind Ticketing System Reform Bill, as Backed by Fans – NBC 5 Dallas Fort Worth

North Texans joined the millions of disappointed Taylor swift fans who were unable to secure tickets for her most recent tour. The issue exposed broader problems related to ticketing systems for live performances and events. The root of the issue is caused by bots or automated programs that reserve large numbers of tickets and resell them on the secondary market for a significant markup.

Recently, Sen. John Cornyn met with music venue leaders and DFW’s top sports teams to gather input on drafting legislation that would address the matter. Cornyn is working on a bill called “FANS First Act” that aims to promote greater transparency by requiring ticket sellers and resellers to disclose taxes, fees, and refund policies to consumers. At the same time, it would prohibit the use of bots or speculative ticket sales that deceive consumers into thinking they are buying tickets directly from the artists or venues.

Moreover, the legislation would curb scalpers from imposing penalties on malicious actors. Cornyn acknowledged that enforcement and consequences would be provided via the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and state attorneys general who could impose civil penalties or set up websites to handle fan complaints. Cornyn intends to work with Sen. Amy Klobuchar to draft this bill, and he believes it will capture public attention since many have experienced poor interactions with predatory ticket resellers.

He added that both the fans and performers suffer from these scams. Many artists and venues are often the recipients of the backlash as people wrongly believe they are ones jacking up the prices. Dave Brown, the COO and General Manager of the American Airlines Center, stated that the problem affects families who come to see the events they host, only to find they have been defrauded with fake tickets, overpaid for tickets, or the show is sold out.

In conclusion, Cornyn plans to find other co-sponsors to pass the bill further through the Senate before bringing it to the attention of the President for the necessary signature. The bill aims to protect the fans and performers, ensuring they enjoy the event without overpaying for the tickets. Meanwhile, fans like Austin native Kate Testone feel disappointed that they couldn’t see the show they had looked forward to for months. She expressed hope that her experience would serve as feedback to improve the ticketing system for future events.

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