Digitization of local businesses by Atascadero Chamber of Commerce program

The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce in California has launched a new program to support local businesses in building their online presence. “Get Your Business Online!” is being managed by José Guardarama, who aims to assist 500 businesses by February 2025. The program offers acceptance assessments, basic website training, sign-up forms, and various digital tools and resources for free. However, businesses are required to pay for the domain and hosting services. Guardarama encourages businesses to have a “digital marketing savvy mind, guts, leadership, and a passionate heart,” emphasizing that anything is possible with an open and innovative spirit.

Interested businesses can contact Guardarama at jose@atascaderochamber.org or call/text 818-533-6011. The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce’s president and CEO, Josh Cross, expressed his excitement about the program, stating that the program has already helped create 18 websites, but the goal is to support 200 websites by February 2025.

Guardarama has a strong desire to support the small business community and finds the opportunity to have new conversations and networks each week to be the most exciting part of the job. Many business owners are struggling to learn the basics of digital literacy while managing their business, and “Get Your Business Online!” aims to help bridge this gap and provide businesses with the necessary tools to succeed online.

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