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Directed energy weapons transition from science fiction to actuality


Sep 18, 2023

Washington is witnessing a rise in the development of practical directed energy weapons by various governments and defense companies. These weapons, which have long been a staple in computer games and science fiction, are now being utilized for real-world battlefields. The U.S. Department of Defense is currently investing billions of dollars in directed energy development, with a focus on countering threats such as drones and missiles. Two main forms of weapons are being developed: high-energy lasers, which concentrate energy and cause thermal damage to targets, and high-power microwave systems, which overwhelm or destroy electronic components. The military branches are actively incorporating directed energy systems into their offensive and defensive operations, with the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps all participating in testing and demonstrations. The urgency to fully build and field these systems has been emphasized by military leaders, who are eager to deploy them as soon as possible. Companies like Booz Allen Hamilton have also entered the field, creating divisions specifically dedicated to high-energy laser development. The future of directed energy weapons looks promising, but there will still be challenges in terms of implementation and procurement.

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