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Sep 17, 2023

More than a decade ago, Molly Prescott found herself without a home. She had just ended an abusive relationship that resulted in the loss of her apartment, and she was battling an addiction to Xanax. Prescott’s life was in complete disarray, and she knew she had to make a change. Determined to turn her life around, she sought help at a rehab facility and eventually landed a job as a barber at a corporate haircut franchise. As time went on, her life started to stabilize, and recently, she achieved a significant milestone by opening her own barbershop in downtown Gastonia.

Reflecting on her journey, Prescott acknowledges how far she has come. She started at the bottom and faced numerous challenges along the way, both professionally and personally. She had to look deep inside herself and figure out her path forward. Through hard work, perseverance, and building connections with others, Prescott gradually climbed the ladder and built her way to owning her own salon. It was a moment of triumph for her, considering where she had started.

Prescott’s barbershop, named Faded Cuts and Shaves, is now housed in the same location as the former Spindle Center Barber Shop, which had been a staple on South Street for over 50 years. The previous barber, Charlie Faulkner, moved to another shop in January 2023, paving the way for Prescott to realize her dream. Honoring the history of the establishment, Prescott renovated and upgraded the space while maintaining its original charm. The shop still retains the old photos of the gentlemen who worked there over the years, serving as a testament to its legacy.

While Faded Cuts and Shaves primarily caters to men, Prescott emphasizes that she is capable of cutting anyone’s hair. However, she wants to preserve the barbershop’s traditional concept while adding a modern twist. Every haircut now includes a shampoo, enhancing the overall experience for customers. Prescott’s goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where the local community can come and enjoy the barbershop’s legacy.

Prescott’s personal journey has shaped her desire to be a supportive presence in others’ lives. After experiencing hardships and lacking the support she needed in the past, she wants to repay the favor and be the person that people can rely on and respect. For Prescott, it’s about keeping the legacy of the barbershop alive while also being a positive force in her community.

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