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Disregarding police warnings, Pernar continues to loiter near schools and was pelted with eggs by kids today


Nov 20, 2023

Despite the police warning schools in Zagreb to report if Ivan Pernar is seen near their premises, he continues to visit and take photos with minors. The former member of parliament has been criticized for advising children against vaccination and promoting the consumption of Lugol’s solution, which is dangerous for those who do not suffer from iodine deficiency. Principals feel powerless to stop Pernar as he operates in public spaces and children rush to see him when he arrives.

The Ombudsperson for Children has been alerted to Pernar’s activities and has pleaded with institutions to take action, but he continues to visit schools. Recently, several Zagreb high schools received a letter from the police instructing them to contact authorities if Pernar is seen near their premises again. This comes after the police received a letter from the children’s ombudsman about Pernar’s visits to schools.

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