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DK Metcalf Incurs $21,854 Fine for Two Offenses.


Sep 16, 2023

Seattle receiver DK Metcalf described his actions as merely a block when he encountered Los Angeles defensive back Ahkello Witherspoon during their game on Sunday. However, the NFL did not agree with his explanation. As a result, Metcalf was fined $10,927 for the hit on Witherspoon, which was deemed a cheap shot. He was also fined an additional $10,927 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

During the incident, the Seahawks were trailing 27-13 in the late stages of the fourth quarter. Witherspoon was visibly irritated after receiving a blindside hit from Metcalf, forcing him to exit the game. Metcalf can consider himself fortunate that the NFL did not suspend him for his actions. When a player resorts to such cheap shots in the final quarter, despite their team possessing a significant lead, it implies that they are unbothered about potential ejection since the outcome of the game appears predetermined.

Following the game, Metcalf defended himself by stating, “I pushed him to the ground and he got mad because I felt like I blocked him in the back.” He further added, “But that’s the way I play. When I don’t have the ball, I block every play, and I don’t make playoffs or jog around trying to make playoffs. That’s Metcalf.” Given his playing style, it is to be expected that Metcalf may face further disciplinary action from the league.

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