Doc Rivers of the 76ers May Coach Game 7 against Celtics

Doc Rivers is coaching the Philadelphia 76ers for their Game 7 against the Boston Celtics on Sunday. If the Sixers win, Rivers will likely keep his job, but a loss could lead to big changes. Rumors about Rivers’ future in Philadelphia have been circulating since the start of the season, and another loss in the conference semifinals could make those rumors come true.

Rivers was hired to take the team to the next level after three straight losing playoffs under Brett Brown. However, he has been unable to lead the team further than Brown. In his first year, Rivers led the Sixers to the best record in the East but suffered a second-round loss to the underdog Atlanta Hawks. Ben Simmons and Danny Green’s injuries impacted the team’s depth, but the Sixers should have won the series.

The Sixers lost six straight in the second round to the Miami Heat last season, but the absence of Joel Embiid for the first two games could have changed the outcome. This year, the Sixers finished third in the conference during the regular season and easily won their first-round matchup against the Brooklyn Nets. They now face their third Game 7 in five years in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The second round has been a difficult hurdle for the Sixers to overcome, and if they fail again, Rivers could lose his job. However, the team seems to enjoy playing under Rivers, and there are no signs of internal turmoil. Successors must be an upgrade, especially for a team trying to win a championship.

Rivers seemed unconcerned about his job security before the playoffs, but the outcome of Game 7 could change his and several players’ futures on the team. The pressure is on for the Sixers to finally conquer the second round and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals.

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