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Doctor at St. Joseph’s Health achieves groundbreaking milestone


Feb 11, 2024

Dr. Ali Al-Mudamgha, the director of electrophysiology at St. Joseph’s Health, recently achieved a groundbreaking success by implanting an external defibrillator into two patients. He expressed his excitement at being at the forefront of a new medical procedure. Dr. Al-Mudamgha emphasized the constant changes in the field of electrophysiology and the importance of adopting new technology. He described the honor of the achievement and its effectiveness in treating patients.

One of Dr. Al-Mudamgha’s patients, Sarah Kennedy, shared her experience with the new innovation. Kennedy has been struggling with dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition that weakens the heart’s ability to pump blood effectively. She explained that her heart issues began after the birth of her third child 15 years ago and had not been able to fully recover from the pregnancy.

Dr. Al-Mudamgha discussed the traditional method of using a defibrillator, which involves a wire being inserted into the bloodstream and leading to the heart. However, this wire can lead to complications such as breakage or infection. The new procedure involves placing the wire under the breastbone instead, minimizing these risks.

The innovative defibrillator features a built-in pacemaker to regulate the heart’s rhythm and deliver shocks when necessary to maintain or restore a normal heartbeat. Dr. Al-Mudamgha also noted that the system provides alerts to medical professionals when it is activated, allowing for immediate response to the patient’s condition.

Since receiving the minimally invasive procedure, Sarah Kennedy has expressed feeling more secure and at peace, knowing that she has a backup plan in case of a medical emergency. She described the device as providing her with a new lease on life and allowing her to continue her daily activities with added peace of mind.

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