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Dodik claims: Republika Srpska’s Situation is Superior to European Countries like Germany…


Nov 21, 2023

At a press conference in Banja Luka, Milorad Dodik, the leader of the Bosnian Serbs, accused the USA of trying to manage Bosnia and Herzegovina like a colonial power. He also asserted that the situation in Republika Srpska is better than in Germany, and predicted that better interlocutors in Brussels and Washington to come after the 2024 elections. Dodik once again announced the dissolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, claiming that the 28th year since the signing of the Dayton Agreement is sufficient proof that Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot function, and he predicted that in that scenario only the RS would survive as an independent entity. He said that the Dayton Agreement has failed, and the best solution is therefore the “peaceful disunification” of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dodik confirmed that US-instigated sanctions policy creates problems for the Republika Srpska but also claimed that it has not affected the overall financial stability. He also claimed that the situation in RS is better than in European countries like Germany.

He also talked about changes in leadership as he hopes that the American presidential elections next year, as well as the elections for the European Parliament, could change the attitude towards the disunification of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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