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Don’t Forget about These Three Erogenous Zones


Nov 21, 2023

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These are three ‘underrated’ erogenous zones, which will spice up foreplay and provide fantastic sex. Sex therapist and author Emily Morse shared tips on pleasure. The American woman has a neat trick on how to spice up foreplay. Morse is known for her advice on intimacy and pleasure. The sex therapist usually shares her suggestions on social media and on her website. Now she’s revealing three underrated erogenous zones on social media to spice up foreplay. – Will you try this tonight? Want to spice up the foreplay? Try these 3 underrated erogenous zones – says Emily, and then explains which are the points that promise intense pleasure. They are located behind the knee, on the arch of the foot and on the side of the torso. – That place behind the knee is simply… irresistible – they confirmed. – Torso. Absolutely – they agreed. – Don’t forget to nibble gently around the hips, if you go there – they write. – Exploring underestimated erogenous zones like the back of the knee can add a tempting twist to foreplay, turning the exploration into a wonderful journey – they comment. Previously, the sex expert explained that it is not the secret is that better communication can instantly improve intimacy. Sex experts believe it’s important to know what each other likes and dislikes in bed. Emily is quite open about her love life, admitting that sex was disappointing in her younger years. And now she takes control in her 50s, but also helps others, reports the Daily Star.

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