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Downtown Business Owners in Lisbon Granted Relief from Rules and Historic Design Standards


Sep 15, 2023

The Village Council of Lisbon has voted to repeal or modify certain historic design standards, providing downtown business owners with more flexibility when it comes to signage, windows, and paint colors. City Councilor Linda Donnally expressed the belief that businesses should have the freedom to be creative and represent their brand on their signage. The Architectural and Historical Review Board (AHBR) will now follow the new ordinance changes outlined by the City Council. The changes will come into effect within 30 days.

One significant change involves signage, with all restrictions being removed except for the requirement that signage on multi-floor buildings should only be on the ground level. Businesses will now follow the zoning code for decisions on fonts and sizes, removing these decisions from the AHBR’s jurisdiction. This change was prompted by a previous incident where the AHBR refused a sign application due to the font choice, which was not one of the approved fonts according to their rules.

Changes were also made to the section on building materials, allowing for more cost-effective and potentially energy-efficient options. Historic-looking materials are now required instead of strictly historic ones. Additionally, the review of paint color has been eliminated.

During the meeting, the AHBR Chairman expressed concerns about the lack of communication from committee members regarding these changes. He emphasized the importance of standardized font sizes on signboards and suggested guidelines for permitted drawings. He also suggested that the AHBR be abolished, stating that the Zoning Inspector could handle all responsibilities.

The purpose of the AHBR was to preserve the historic integrity of downtown Lisbon, which is known for its unique history and historic buildings. The City Council also addressed other matters, including the appointment of Patricia Kronenberg to the Zoning Board of Appeals, the purchase of barricades and orange cones, and the auction of a vehicle.

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