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Durango Herald – “Public Health Director resigns ahead of dissolution”


Sep 16, 2023

The interim executive director of the San Juan Basin Public Health Department, Tiffany Switzer, announced her retirement on October 3. This comes as the department prepares for its dissolution date of December 31. Switzer, who has been with the department for nine years, stated that she cannot find a place on the other side of the situation and has decided to seek new employment. She will begin her new role with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. This retirement leaves the department seeking a new director to take over the public health duties.

The transition has been a source of stress for some staff members, including Switzer. She expressed her gratitude for the nine years she has spent with the department but mentioned that she would like to continue her career in public health. Switzer was a finalist for the director position at the La Plata County Public Health Department, but the county commissioners reversed course and chose to continue the search. The dissolution of the San Juan Basin Public Health Department has caused uncertainty among employees, and efforts are being made to fill positions and remove some of the unknowns.

Despite the challenges of the transition, efforts are being made to ensure the continued delivery of public health services. Brian Devine, the environmental health director and interim deputy director of the San Juan Basin Public Health Department, stated that everyone has had to step up and take on more responsibility. The staff is committed to providing excellent service to the community during this time of change. The department will continue to handle infectious disease outbreaks and other duties until its dissolution at the end of the year.

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