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Dutch leaders assert VVD crisis, deny asylum crisis ahead of elections debate


Nov 21, 2023

The leaders of the most important parties in the Netherlands held a televised debate in Rotterdam just two days before the House of Representatives elections. The event was more civilized than previous debates, but it made clear the contradictions between right and left. The leaders were given one of the last chances to secure votes on Monday evening, and they confronted three themes: migration, climate, and social security. The themes sparked intense discussions, especially the climate debate, which highlighted the differing opinions between party leaders. They clashed over whether the Netherlands should increase its climate ambitions, with some fearing the costs of a greener economy.

The migration debate revealed another contradiction, with several party leaders wanting a stricter migration policy, while others emphasized the importance of remaining a hospitable country. However, there was consensus on the theme of housing, with each party emphasizing the need to boost construction after the elections. The differences in opinion seem to make little impact on the outcome of the elections, based on the final debate between the various party leaders at NOS will take place the following evening.

Despite the contradictions and intense discussions, the election will take place as scheduled on Wednesday. The Dutch will have the final say on which representatives will lead their nation in the House of Representatives.

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