EA Sports expresses ‘enormous faith’ in inaugural game without FIFA endorsement

EA Sports’ brand vice president, David Jackson, has expressed his confidence in the upcoming release of EA Sports FC, the company’s first soccer game without a FIFA license. Jackson believes that separating from football bodies will allow the company to introduce more innovation into the game than ever before.

According to Jackson, EA Sports FC is the company’s vision for the future, and they are very good at meeting the expectations of their players. He claims that the departure from FIFA will “lead to new and exciting things” and that reliability and innovation will continue to be paramount to the EA Sports experience.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson previously stated that the FIFA license was an obstacle to the company’s ambitions for the game series, preventing them from expanding the game beyond the traditional 11v11 mode and creating a “broader digital ecosystem.”

Despite the lack of a FIFA license, Jackson believes that players should be excited about the new release as it marks a mindset shift for the company. He claims that the absence of a FIFA license will allow for more innovation and exciting new experiences for fans of the game.

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