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ECU Health Commemorates 13 Honored Nurses from North Carolina’s Great 100


Sep 6, 2023

Brabble, a nurse who works in outpatient surgery, attributes her success in her work to her faith and the support of her family. In addition to her main role, she also cross trains in other areas such as chemotherapy, the outpatient clinic, and outpatient lab testing. She emphasizes the importance of teamwork in nursing and acknowledges that without a strong team, their efforts would not be successful. Brabble humbly expresses that she believes her co-workers deserve the recognition more than she does and wishes she could share the honor with them. She recognizes the significance of having 13 honorees from the ECU Health system, stating that it reflects the dedication of the team members who strive to do their best even in difficult situations. Brabble is passionate about supporting student and new nurses and emphasizes the importance of approaching nursing with compassion and care. She encourages her students to prioritize patient interaction over technology and shares that she has had excellent mentors who have guided her throughout her nursing journey. She believes that continuous learning is essential in nursing and values the knowledge and techniques that she learns from her colleagues. Brabble firmly believes that having an excellent team is vital to her own success.

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