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Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren criticize Steward Health Care


Apr 4, 2024

Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren criticized Steward Health Care and its CEO Ralph de la Torre for their role in the financial troubles facing the company’s Massachusetts hospitals. Markey, who chairs the subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security, spoke during a hearing at the Massachusetts State House, blaming corporate greed and mismanagement for the situation. He specifically called out Steward Health Care, Dr. Ralph de la Torre, Cerberus Capital Management, and Medical Properties Trust for failing their responsibilities to patients, providers, and communities.
Markey and Warren’s comments came as Steward Health Care faces uncertainty about the future of its nine Massachusetts hospitals. The senators accused the company’s leadership of prioritizing profit over the well-being of patients and the community. They emphasized the importance of holding corporate executives accountable for their actions and ensuring that patients and healthcare providers are not negatively impacted by financial mismanagement. The hearing shed light on the challenges facing for-profit healthcare companies and the need for greater oversight in the industry.

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