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Eddie Jackson of the Bears addresses Dan Hampton’s derogatory remark – NBC Sports Chicago coverage


Sep 15, 2023

In the aftermath of the Bears’ 38-20 loss to the Packers, Eddie Jackson had no idea about Dan Hampton’s critical comments. Jackson didn’t watch the postgame show and only learned about Hampton’s rant when the media brought it up to him at Halas Hall. Jackson didn’t let it bother him and even laughed it off, stating that everyone has their own opinions. Despite Hampton’s criticism, Jackson’s performance in the game was solid, allowing only one catch for a touchdown and not missing any tackles. The Bears’ defense, which had been hyped up during training camp, struggled against the Packers and head coach Matt LaFleur in Week 1.

Second-year safety Jaquan Brisker acknowledged that the defense got carried away and needed a wake-up call. Jackson agreed with Brisker, saying that he would have preferred the wake-up call to happen earlier in the season. Both players expressed a determination to build something better and not let the criticism affect their mindset. Star cornerback Jaylon Johnson echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the need for humility and a return to hard work and dedication.

The lack of fitness and energy displayed by the Bears on Sunday was a point of concern and discussion. The broadcast showed a dejected sideline, and quarterback Justin Fields and Brisker even texted each other about the need to increase and maintain energy levels. Head coach Matt Eberflus attributed the lack of energy to execution problems, but Johnson believed that energy comes from executing plays effectively. He emphasized the importance of maintaining high energy levels despite adversity.

In conclusion, while the Bears faced criticism and disappointment following their loss to the Packers, Jackson, Brisker, and Johnson expressed a strong determination to learn from the experience and improve moving forward. They acknowledged the need for humility, hard work, and maintaining high energy levels to overcome challenges.

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