Edge Solutions Yield Double-Digit Improvements for Firms

New research commissioned by Lumen Technologies and Intel has revealed that edge computing is delivering significant business and technical benefits across multiple industries. The study found that investing in edge solutions improved customer experience, product and service quality as well as increasing productivity.

The study showed that moving applications and workloads closer to the edge of the network, businesses saw a significant increase in productivity by orders of magnitude. More than half of respondents said they are currently using Edge solutions in production, and 64% plan to invest in a new Edge within the next year.

The majority of respondents reported double-digit improvements in technical outcomes when deploying Edge solutions. This includes improved security and data protection, increased productivity through automation, and improved application performance.

The service provider/telco edge will continue to be the primary deployment location for edge solutions, according to the study. Respondents reported that their customer experience improved by 26%, their productivity increased by 23%, and the quality of their products and services increased by 22%.

The study interviewed 735 US Corporate Decision Makers and over 500 employees from a range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, technology/software development, media/entertainment/gaming, healthcare, retail, and the public sector.

Steve Grabow, senior vice president of edge computing solutions at Lumen Technologies, said, “With projections surpassing $300 billion by 2026, it’s clear that the next wave of business innovation is happening at the edge. Momentum is building across the industry as enterprises achieve compelling and quantifiable benefits from edge computing.”

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