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Elon Musk’s Global Business Empire


Nov 20, 2023

Where in the world is Elon Musk? Everywhere it seems. From Austin to Shanghai his plants are spitting out parts and combining components to produce his myriad product lines. Musk is the ultimate operator—and here’s a look at everywhere he operates.

Musk’s presence in the U.S. is particularly impactful with plants in various cities producing parts and components for his products. Austin and other cities are home to Musk’s operations, contributing to a significant presence in the country.

Musk’s presence outside the U.S. is also significant. His operations extend to Shanghai, where his plants are producing parts and combining components for his products.

By the numbers, Elon Musk’s impact can be measured. From the number of solar roofs he aspired to install per week to the impressive number of SpaceX launches since inception, Musk’s influence is evident in various statistics. His investments and valuations of various companies also serve as evidence of his impact.

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