• Tue. Jun 11th, 2024

Encompass Health nurses and supply chain professionals collaborate to deliver quality care


Jun 11, 2024

Encompass Health’s supply chain and clinical teams are dedicated to providing quality patient care through collaboration and education. According to Hines, effective supply chain management ensures that clinicians have the necessary supplies to deliver quality care to patients. The partnership between supply chain managers and frontline clinicians is seen as crucial in achieving this goal.

Mooney emphasizes the importance of the partnership between the supply chain and clinical teams, noting that they work together to address the needs and concerns of clinicians. The collaboration involves a national task force where feedback is shared between the two teams to improve patient care outcomes. Standardization of products is also a key aspect of their approach, with input from clinicians being crucial in evaluating new products.

Cody Carter, Encompass Health’s strategic sourcing manager, highlights the importance of cost-effective products that also deliver optimal clinical outcomes. He emphasizes that the right product, in the right quantity, can lead to significant cost savings beyond just the price of the product. The integration of supply chain and clinical teams is key in balancing cost effectiveness with quality patient care.

By regularly testing new products and seeking feedback from clinicians, Encompass Health ensures that they are providing the best possible care to their patients. The partnership between supply chain and clinical teams allows for a consistent message to be communicated and for everyone to understand the importance of using the right products for patient care.

Overall, the collaboration between Encompass Health’s supply chain and clinical teams ensures that patients receive the best possible care through the use of cost-effective, high-quality products. The joint commitment to patient care is evident in their approach to product standardization, feedback collection, and ongoing improvement efforts.


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