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Entrepreneurs in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are using Pawns to exploit the RPG economy and earn 200k gold every 2 hours


Mar 26, 2024

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has only been released for a few days, but players have already discovered a way to quickly earn a substantial amount of gold through manipulating Pawn quests. Players can adjust their Pawn’s quest to slay a specific monster and set the reward for the quest at 10,000 gold. By hiring multiple Pawns with the same quest, players can effectively earn over 200,000 gold in just a few hours.

Players are sharing guidelines on Reddit on how to make the most of this method. By summoning Pawns with a 10,000 gold reward at a Riftstone and completing their quests, players can quickly earn a significant amount of gold. By keeping the Pawns away as long as possible through resting only at campfires, players can maximize their earnings from these quests.

In addition to the gold earned from Pawn quests, players can also sell monster parts from creatures like Ogres or Cyclops’, further increasing their earnings. However, there is speculation that Capcom may intervene if this method of earning gold becomes widespread among players, as it can potentially disrupt the in-game economy.

Despite being in a fantasy world, the need for money is still prevalent among players. As players continue to exploit this method to earn gold quickly, it remains to be seen how Capcom will respond to this issue in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Make sure to check out guides and tips for Dragon’s Dogma 2 to enhance your gameplay experience.

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