Entrepreneurship Program Empowers Boston High School Students to Put Their Business Ideas to the Test – Boston 25 News

High school students in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood are learning the tricks of starting a new business. They are part of an entrepreneurial education program for high school students called Build Boston. The program helps students develop the skills needed to start a business through local programs.

One group of students created a self-help kit called Spirit Her Box, which includes stress-relieving items like a squishy bun, smooth ink pens, and candles. The idea for the business came during the coronavirus epidemic when the students were attending school remotely. Each student has an administrative role. Tahana Jordan is the CEO, Japhet Rodriguez is Chief Marketing Officer, Ethan Judin is the Chief Operating Officer, and Iander Ramos is the Chief Financial Officer.

The students credit their success to the guidance of their teacher, Chris, who spent countless hours guiding them and encouraging them. Chris is just one of the many teachers who have successfully helped hundreds of students through the Build Boston program. According to Betsy Neptune, the Regional Executive Director of Build Boston, the program’s success is largely due to the teachers who understand what the students are good at and help bring it out.

The students will be competing in an entrepreneurial contest similar to the popular TV show Shark Tank. Two groups will meet in Boston to convince judges, including former patriot Devon McCourty, that their ideas are the best. One of the groups competing is the Spirit Her Box team. They are confident that what they learned from Build Boston will help them succeed.

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