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EPA, Consider Industry When Updating Science Policy


Apr 2, 2024

Industry groups are applying pressure on the EPA to take into consideration their perspectives as the agency concludes an eagerly awaited update to its scientific integrity policy. These guidelines are crucial as they have the potential to solidify President Joe Biden’s commitment to protecting the agency’s research and shield its scientists from political interference, especially in case of a potential second Trump administration. The finalization of these guidelines is expected later this year.

Francesca Grifo, the EPA’s scientific integrity official, mentioned in an interview with E&E News that she was not surprised by the influx of comments from various sectors regarding the policy update. The impact of this policy, which outlines how the agency conducts its scientific research, could be far-reaching for the regulated community. Grifo emphasized the importance of hearing from all sides when making decisions as a regulatory agency since these decisions have significant repercussions.

Grifo stated, “When you’re a regulatory agency, we need to hear from all sides. Obviously, the decisions that we make have an impact.” This highlights the agency’s commitment to carefully considering input from industry groups and other stakeholders as they finalize the scientific integrity policy.

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