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Erdogan: Some Western Powers Fail to Recognize New Era in Region Following Karabakh War


Nov 20, 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that some Western forces are still unable to understand that a new era has begun in the region with the Karabakh war, according to AZERTAC. He accused those forces of provoking Armenia for years and seeking their own benefit from the sufferings of all people living in the region, noting that they have caused the greatest harm to Armenia. Erdogan stated that by using the Armenians, these forces have condemned them to distrust and given them empty dreams that were impossible to fulfill. He called on Armenia to see and accept these realities, and to seek security in peace and cooperation with their neighbors rather than thousands of kilometers away. Erdogan also emphasized that no amount of munitions sent by Western countries can replace the stability that will bring lasting peace.

The President of Turkey called on Armenia to accept the “hand of peace extended” by the Azerbaijanis and declared that Turkey is ready to take necessary steps for the success of the process in cooperation with Azerbaijan.

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